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If you are wondering, “What’s it really like to live in an island paradise?” then this book is for you! People from all over are naturally lured to the beautiful and bountiful Caribbean – where turquoise seas sparkle, gentle trade winds blow, the lifestyle is easygoing, and the people, like the climate, are sunny and warm. But what is it like to actually live in a tropical paradise? In this concise, lively book, a journalist who has lived in the islands for more than 35 years reports on all aspects of the adventure, from the joy of local events, Johnny cakes (a local food item), and giant sea turtles, to the mystery of politics and the misery of hurricanes. Told with humor and obvious affection, her insightful observations are enlightening reading for anyone curious about living in the Caribbean and specifically St. Croix and the U.S. Virgin Islands, where driving in the left lane is but one of the puzzling paradoxes of quirky island style.

Author Emy Thomas gives a frank account of her experiences, including all the pleasantries of the beaches, the slow pace of life, and the unpleasantness of government inefficiencies, hurricanes, and occasional crime. Life in the Left Lane is a terrific book to help you understand what it is like to live in the Virgin Islands, written by someone who made the move, went through the settling-in process, built a home, and still lives on St. Croix. 136 pages. Soft cover.

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  1. Dana Travis Middleton

    Worth It’s Weight In Information….
    The next best thing to living there is reading this book. There is so much information enclosed in this book that I dare say it’s “invaluable”.

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