This wonderful book is meant to help both residents and visitors to identify and learn about some of the most visible trees and plants in St. John, as well as a few less familiar ones. The first section highlights some notable trees in the around Cruz Bay, and includes a map that shows the sections of town referred to making it easier to locate the trees discussed. This format makes it very easy for a resident or visitor to do a walking tour to see the trees and plants listed in the book.

The second section presents photographs of trees and plants grouped by distinguishing characteristics that ordinary people can recognize; flowers, fruit, or thorns are examples. It also identifies some potentially dangerous plants. The second section makes this book useful for other islands in the Virgin Islands as well because some of the trees and plants are also growing in St. Thomas and St. Croix.

This book and project was completed by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. John USVI through a grant from USDA. The goals of the project were to learn more about the ecological and cultural roles of the trees and plants around us, and to share that information with the community. By learning about the things around us including the plants and trees, we are more motivated to care for them and protect them.

The project team for this book is: Gail Karlsson, Suki Dickson Buchalter, Kevel Lindsay and Eleanor Gibney. Soft cover, spiral bound. 89 pages.

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