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This special collector’s edition newspaper contains many articles and old photos related to Virgin Islands history over the last 100 years. In 2017 the islands had their 100th anniversary of U.S. purchase. The newspaper is 100 pages and contains only articles and photos, there are no advertisements. Limited edition commemorative newspaper celebrating Virgin Islands history and culture. Wonderful for people with ties and roots in the Virgin Islands, or for visitors that want to learn about the islands. Limited print and availability.

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3 reviews for Daily News Centennial Collection Edition

  1. Anne

    Couldn’t Wait to Read it
    My Centennial newspaper arrived last night. Could not wait to start reading it, though I am not finished yet. There really is so much information there! Even though I have some idea about USVI history, most of the information was new to me. The picture of the islands in my mind is how I have seen them on my vacation trips—resorts, tourists, and local people who deal with these areas, and, of course, the beauty of them. Now I see them as a country with governments, agencies, various social issues, and a lot of history.

  2. Lily

    Just Fantastic!
    I contacted VItraders and in conversation mentioned history. They recommended this newspaper and I am so thrilled that they did. It really is fantastic. I learned about families, events, development within the towns, and a lot more. A lot of information in this paper.

  3. Marie

    Many Thanks, Excellent.
    Just wanted to add my thanks for all who were involved in the Centennial Edition of the paper. That was a huge project I am sure. This is the absolute best. Many thanks. I’ve traveled to St. Thomas for years and had looked for a book on the history of the area and could never find anything that was clear and precise. This paper has it all. Excellent!!

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