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Historically, Cruz Bay’s remote setting and small natural harbor set it apart from major networks of international trade and commerce. Due to its relative solitude, a distinct St. Johnian culture evolved. Self-reliant, grounded in deep religious faith, and supported through hard work and cooperation by close-knit family networks, the people of Cruz Bay endured long years of hardship with little prosperity yet remained rich in spirit and fortitude.

It has only been since the advent of mass tourism and widespread commercial and residential development in the mid-1900s that the underpinnings of this proud and culturally unique Afro-Caribbean community began to seriously erode. While less tangible than physical features on the landscape, cultural heritage and collective memory are vital components of any historic town. They reflect the true soul and essence of the place.

This work humbly seeks to promote that ethos. By David W. Knight Sr. 217 pages. Soft cover. Published April 2017.

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