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Add the taste of the islands to your meals with this great Scotch Bonnet hot sauce! This is a flavorful sauce that adds some heat. A little bit goes a long way. If you like it hot this is a great choice. Contains: Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Onion, Garlic.  5.5 oz.

(Please note that this red hot sauce is bottled under a couple different names/labels: Nuclear Blast and Super Hot. Most often the name/label we stock is the Super Hot, however on occasion it is the name/label Nuclear Blast. It is our understanding that the hot sauce is the same in both.)

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3 reviews for Super Hot / Nuclear Blast Hot Sauce (Red)

  1. Sarah

    Xtra hot
    I have this one and Volcano. Love them both, but on the days when you want more heat with your flavor, choose this one. Great on everything! I use these hot sauces on my sweet potatoes and popcorn, too. Anything that’s “good” for you that you aren’t crazy about will be much more likable with this hot sauce. Enjoy!

  2. Steve

    Excellent Hot Sauce
    As one who loves to eat fire, I can say without a doubt that “Nuclear Blast Hot Sauce” is one of my favorites. It’s got the perfect blend of heat and flavor, along with the hint of mustard that accentuates it. This link is a keeper! Besides who doesn’t love the Virgin Islands??!!

  3. Bill

    Virgin Islands Nuclear Blast hot sauce
    I was in St. Thomas end of Aug. – first week of Sept. Tried several local hot sauces while there. This was by far my favorite. Very hot – but the flavor was what I really liked. I went back to the restaurant that had it several times. This sauce was good on everything! I didn’t get to buy while on the islands, but am glad to have found this website. I’ll be ordering for myself and hot sauce loving friends. Texas & Louisiana have lots of hot sauce – but this has a very different flavor. My favorite!!!

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