Caribbean Reef Creatures ID Card (Sm/Franko)

Caribbean Reef Creatures ID Card (Sm/Franko)

Price: $5.95 Code: 25-01

Identify what you see while snorkeling or diving with this great, easy to carry plastic fish identification card. Snorkeling is way more exciting and fascinating when you can identify fish and marine creatures while observing them. Over 75 species of tropical Caribbean reef creatures fit into this beautiful 2 sided card. They include the graceful white-spotted eagle ray, tarpon, queen triggerfish, cowfish, moray eel, nurse sharks, flounder, as well as stingrays, wrasses, turtles, and many more. Take it with you while snorkeling by attaching a small cord or lanyard (has a hole at the top for this purpose), or review it before and after snorkeling. Great for adults and children. Size: 6 x 4 inches.

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