Caribbean Dawn

Caribbean Dawn

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If you have ever vacationed or lived in the Virgin Islands and sat outside in the late evening you will certainly remember the pleasant sounds of island nights. The crickets, tree frogs, bats, birds and other nocturnal creatures; together they perform a magical symphony. Part time residents of St. John, Ed and Laurie Boakes, found the sounds to be so enjoyable they digitally recorded them and have produced this delightful and relaxing album, Caribbean Dawn.

Caribbean Dawn is a commercially produced and packaged CD that contains one of the Boakes' favorite hour-long sessions. It includes not just tree frogs but also the subtle melodies of birds awakening as dawn approaches. This session has neither sounds of civilization nor any added sounds whatsoever. It is a continuous, uninterrupted, full-length nature sounds CD.

Order Caribbean Dawn today and enjoy the peacefulness of the Virgin Islands National Park forest. The fascinating tree frogs, crickets, birds and other nocturnal creatures create an amazingly tranquil symphony of sounds. The CD is perfect for meditation and relaxation.

Includes 29 beautiful Caribbean photographs for use as screen saver and PC wallpaper. The vast majority of the photos were taken in the Virgin Islands.

Note: A portion of the sales from Caribbean Dawn is donated to the National Park. This nature sounds CD plays on any CD player. The included screen saver and wallpaper install on Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT PCs with at least 128 megabytes of RAM.

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