The German Empire & The American Purchase of the Danish West Indies

The German Empire & The American Purchase of the Danish West Indies

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In this book, author Dr. Aimery Caron carefully documents the rapid growth of German economic & political interests in the Caribbean Basin before World War I & the worrisome German naval build-up through the use of the Hamburg/American Line during World War I. The paper also assesses how real was the German threat to establish a naval base in the Caribbean Basin, on St. Thomas in particular, from which the German Navy might have seriously disrupted American & Allied maritime traffic during World War I. Did the U.S. Navy have valid reasons to push for the purchase of the Danish West Indies, in order to dismantle the Hamburg/American Line which was viewed as a military threat to the U.S. & the Allies?

Soft Cover, spiral bound. 72 pages. Released in 2017.

Proceeds from this book benefit the Caribbean Genealogy Library on St. Thomas. A non-profit library that focuses on preserving resources related to history, culture and genealogy and encouraging Virgin Islanders and the wider Caribbean to learn about their history.

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